Knitting for Syrian Refugees

Kathy D will take any woolen knitted baby items that we provide to the Salaam Cultural Museum in Seattle, Washington. Newborn to six month sizes are needed and should be made from wool yarn (cotton is also accepted). For information about other donations:

Our posts about this project:

Jan. 21, 2017: Kathy Knits for Syrian Children, and Margaret Joins In

Feb. 3, 2017: Knit for Syrian Refugee Babies
Information about the project and links to some patterns

Apr. 22, 2017: Karen L's Sweater for a Syrian Baby

May 5, 2017: Sweaters and Hats for Syrian Refugee Babies

Jan. 31, 2018: Helping Syrian Refugees
Margaret's Winona, Minnesota group was formed to knit for Syrian refugees.

Mar. 14, 2018:
Free Baby Sweater Patterns for our Syrian Refugee Project
A Simple Baby Hat with a Rolled Brim, from Kathy D

Apr. 17, 2018
The results of our work, so far:

Feb. 18, 2019
Some More Patterns for Baby Sweaters:
Suggested by Mary-Claire, includes: Olive You Baby, Little Avery, and Bug Warmer patterns.

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