Monday, November 12, 2018

Cathy's Mystery Fudge Cake

Cathy wowed us all recently with a deliciously moist chocolate cake containing... wait for it... green tomatoes! Although she sent me a photo of the recipe, it is kind of hard to read.

However, I was able to locate a recipe for Green Tomato Brownie Cake on a blog called Watching What I Eat. It seems to be based on the same recipe as Cathy's, but the good news is that the blogger, Vicki E., has reworked the traditional version into a far lighter one. Even better, the blog post includes both versions, so you can choose either the traditional cake, made with margarine, three eggs, and white sugar; or the lighter version made with just one egg, less sugar, and oil.

Here you go, just click this link to see both versions:

And if you want to continue in the mystery cake mode, here is one made with beets and another that is a spice cake, rather than a chocolate one.

Mystery Chocolate Cake (made with beets):

Green Tomato Cake (no chocolate):

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